During the month of April, 2023, I participated 30works30days by Artqwest encourages daily making, risk taking and experimentation. Responding to a brief which was delivered by email everyday, I created a new work and uploaded it to the 30works30days website by midnight every day.


Day 1 – What one art work would you take to a desert island

Day 2 – Use a new material

Day 3 – Do something backwards

Day 4 – What is your art practices superpower

Day 5 – Do a thing today that you think you’ll be bad at.

Day 6 – Pretend to be a different artist for the day

Day 7 – Share a secret

Day 8 – Make a work inspired by something you heard today

Day 9 – Make your last ever art work

Day 10 – Collaborate with someone else today

Day 11 – Try cheating today

Day 12 – Use the last message/ letter/ email you received as your brief

Day 13 – Remake yesterday’s work

Day 14 – Experiment with ways to document your work

Day 15 – Make your work commercial

Day 16 – Have a party

Day 17 – Make a work from your window

Day 18 – Make a work about the ugliest thing you have seen in the past 24 hours

Day 19 – Take the unsolicited advice about your work

Day 20 – Don’t make anything today. Just send a description of what you would mak

Day 21 – Make your work more accessible

Day 22 – Make a work and exhibit or leave it in a public place for someone to find

Day 23 – Break something

Day 24 – Do one less thing today

Day 26 – Make a work in the inbetween time. Make a work while you’re doing/ waiting for something else…

Day 27 – Use an old artwork to make a new one

Day 28 – Go smaller

Day 29 – What brings you joy? Make a work by doing that.

Day 30 – Make a commitment