Black & Red Jersey

Black & Red Jerseys, 2018

Collaboration by Yuki Nakamura and Mayu Kuroda

Jerseys, Air Mannequin, Foam


“Black & Red Jerseys” is a collaborative project by London-based artist Yuki Nakamura and Kobe-based Mayu Kuroda. This project is a part of ”

 In the Shadow of Olympus” organized by ART BEASTIES at SOIL Gallery in Seattle.

In the lead-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics the world is turning an eye towards Japan, and there is increasing interest in Japanese culture. While diversity and globalization stand as national goals, Japan’s own unique identity is beginning to come into focus once more as well. In the course of our collaboration we came to the realization that the jersey transcends its role as a uniform to constitute a certain type of cultural symbol.

Our project consists of two parts: One is the design and production of an official Art Beasties jersey to be worn in a group performance, and the other is the development of a separate original jersey as part of an installation.

Our conception of the jersey incorporates two main significations in the context of the project.

The first relates to its role as a uniform worn by athletes in the Olympics, with each country maintaining their own. Although they may not make a particularly vivid lasting impression on the public consciousness, the design of these jerseys employs nationally symbolic brands and designers, and athletes who represent their country wearing them do so tasked with such missions as winning medals.

The second concerns the fact that in Japan students wear matching school jerseys in junior high and high school. They vary in color and design from school to school but are generally worn in class and are items that will carry a sense of nostalgia to those who have attended school in Japan. Such matching outfits give rise to feelings of solidarity and belonging in students who wear them before they may even be aware and also to a sense of responsibility that attends the emblazoning of their school’s name on the uniform.

In this project the act of wearing the jersey makes an expression of the statement that “Art Beasties is made up of artists based in five different cities who work individually and form a collective, the ART BEASTIES.” Wearing the jerseys in our day-to-day lives after returning to our own cities will create opportunities for us to boost public awareness of our collective. Also in time they may come to engender senses of belonging and affinity among us even when we are separated geographically.

(English Translation by Jonathan Way)


コラボレーション:中村ユキ 黒田真由






このプロジェクトは『アートビースティーズが、5つの都市を拠点に個々に活動するアーティストコレクティブ“ART BEASTIES”』であるということが、このジャージを着用することによって表現される。それぞれの拠点に戻り、日常生活において着用されることはグループの存在を社会に知らしめる機会となる。またグループが同じ場所に存在していなくても、個々へもたらされる帰属意識や愛着を時間の経過とともに与えるものになるかもしれない。


黒と赤のジャージ  2018年

ジャージ、エアマネキン 、フォーム

Photo by Tokio Kuniyoshi

Models by Mayu Kuroda, Kakeru Asai, Masaya Nakayama, Tokyo Kuniyoshi