Seeded Forest 2004

Seeded Forest – Collaboration with Joe Miller, 2004

Epoxy Terrazzo, pulled glass cane, cast glass, natural minerals

630 square feet.

New Tacoma Convention Center, Tacoma, WA

Commissioning Agency: City of Tacoma, from 1% for Art funding

An artist-designed terrazzo floor.  In this setting, the terrazzo, designed in muted greens with inclusions of minerals, pulled glass cane, and silvered glass, resembles the forest floor replete with germinating seeds, pine needles and shiny, rain coated rocks. These elements were hand “seeded” by the artists and exist randomly within the larger matrix. The forest floor is very site-specific, not only responding to the other art projects at the convention center but also connecting to the building itself in the evolving architectural landscape of the Northwest.