There Is No Answer: Carved Clay Balls

Cornish College of the Arts: Arts Incubator Residency

Duration for ART BEASTIES residency : January 20th ~February 2nd, 2020

at Alhadeff Studio : 201 Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98109.(Seattle Center behind Cornish playhouse)



Fabric, Clay, Tools, Camera

During the Cornish’s Arts Incubator residency, I worked on my individual project while the collective Art Beasties staged a “co-working” office space inside Alhadeff Studio – a theater space. By setting up multiple cameras, such as Time-Lapse, Go Pro and 360 camera, our activities in the space were documented from the beginning to the end.

In prior to my residency, I requested friends to provide me with One Question regarding me. The questions became a part of my experimental and hybrid performance/installation work. There Is No Answer: Carved Clay Balls. I contemplated to respond to the question while making a clay ball using a coil pinching technique by sitting on a fabric rug.

Photo: Tokio Kuniyoshi