White Vanishing: Light and Shadow 2005

White Vanishing: Light and Shadow, 2005

Fabricated on vinyl mesh

14 x 100 ft

Public art project: Seattle City Light 1% for art Funds

The Union Street Electric Gallery is located on the western exterior wall of the Seattle City Light Union Street Substation. Seattle City Light 1% for Art funds supports this large-scale exhibition space. The artwork is designed to enhance the workplace of City Light employees.  I explore the powerful contrast between the unique architectural character of the Union Substation, a modern minimalist concrete structure, and my porcelain sculptures, an organic gathering of pure white porcelain with light and shadow.

Taking contemporary art out of museum context and placing it in an unusual and highly visible space – high up a wall, enables and encourages  any passer-by who happen upon the work to view and engage with artwork they may otherwise never be exposed to.